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Taking into consideration the fact that the duties of the national security services are linked to the concrete interests of the state, nation and that of the executive power, there are no corporate rules laid down concerning the structure and the operation of the national security services.

There are, however expectations that stem from the principles of the modern parliamentary democracy and the rule of law.

Three of these major expectations are:

1.) The operation of the services is regulated by law. During the discharge of their duties, the national security services may impose restrictions on basic human rights, which in compliance with the constitution requires legal authorisation. Since 1995 the operation of the national security services has been regulated by an Act (the Act CXXV. 1995.).

2.) Covert intelligence gathering (house search, interception of telephone lines, mail checking) is the most restrictive of the civilian rights, so conducting this sort of activity requires external authorisation. In compliance with the Hungarian regulation, when it comes to conduct any of the above activities it is essential to apply for judicial authorisation or that of the Minister of Justice.

3.) Parliament shall exercise parliamentary oversight of the national security services through its National Security Committee (hereinafter: Committee).

Moreover mention must be made of the fact that the development of the common European foreign and security policy, the need to protect a limited circle of the staff, facilities and information in the European institutions, have necessitated the production of some documents laying down the security principles of the European Committee and of the European Council, including several national security-related recommendations and directives too.

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