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Foreign and Security Policy
  Article 4 of the National Security Act CXXV. 1995 authorises the Information Office to obtain, analyse, evaluate, and disseminate information on foreign countries, or of foreign origin, required for government decisions that may be used in the interest of the security of the nation.

The major fields of information gathering on foreign and security policy:

  • Events and developments violating or threatening the foreign and national policy of the Republic of Hungary and factors either hampering or promoting the enforcement of these interests.
  • Any sorts of strategic phenomena threatening global security.
  • Activities of those organisations that try to weaken the Transatlantic and the European security structures and foreign and security political co-operation. Information that helps to fulfill our commitments in the fields of foreign and security policy.
  • International, regional conflicts and crises threatening the security and stability of Hungary, NATO and EU member states.
  • Stability and security situation of our region.
  • Other issues of international foreign and security policy in response to the government's requirements.

Adding its evaluation and analyses to the intelligence, obtained in the above fields, the Information Office regularly provides reports for the government.

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