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Export Control
  With their special tools and methods the national security services take part in the coordinated work of the state organs, aimed at controlling the traffic of the internationally controlled goods, technologies and the prevention of illicit trade. To discharge its duties laid down in the Law, the Information Office detects and prevents the illegal trafficking, which is closely tied with non-proliferation.

Major areas of the Office's intelligence gathering activities include:
  • illegal traffic of dual-use (license-bound) goods, technologies military-technical devices, falling under the law of international export control, and all connected activities; companies, businesses and individuals participating in these activities; related transfer routes, ports, sites of transhipment, duty free zones, documentation, and financial accounting;
  • intangible transfers: when technologies, technical know-how are obtained not through traditional but telecommunication and computer systems (e.g. e-mail, telephone, fax);
  • detection of illegal channels that were established to provide conventional arms supply for crisis zones and states under international sanctions, with special regards to businesses with Hungarian concern or interest;
  • states, companies, individuals, (salesmen, middlemen, deliverers, orderers, users) engaged in concrete businesses; transport routes;
  • developments in the legal and illegal international trafficking of conventional arms violating or threatening the interests of the Republic of Hungary;
  • taking part in control of the end-user(s) and mediator(s) if it is required by the companies claiming to conduct weapons trade; the control of the purchaser in case if Hungary is the exporter.

Major responsibility for the control is borne by the Minister of Economy and Transport, its institutions are: Inter-agency Committee on Non-Proliferation, Inter-agency Committee on Military-engineering, Operative Committee on Military-engineering, the Economy and Transport Ministry's Office of Administration and Licensing, and the Bureau of Export Control and of Prohibition of Chemical and Biological Weapons.

For details on the export control system see the homepage of the Ministry of Economy and Transport http://www.gkm.gov.hu/.

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