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Economic Security
  Economic performance has a decisive importance from a national security point of view. World and regional scale developments are never to take Hungary by surprise. An intelligence service shall also deal with world economy, financial strategies, foreseeable technological inventions and environmental issues. As a matter of fact from among the state bodies it is not the intelligence service that has a leading role in any of these; at the same time, with its special tools and methods and by its capability to obtain protected and confidential information, it is able to facilitate that various trends be noticed in due time and it also supports the decision-making work of the government.

The economic security intelligence focuses on information that on the one hand can enhance the enforcement of the state's economic interests, on the other hand helps to recognise or avert the threats against the economic-financial situation. These are those secret and confidential pieces of information that - stretching over company interests - bear significance from the point of view of the functioning and development of the entire national economy, maintaining the financial balance, implementation of the government's labour-policy objectives, in certain cases encouragement to foreign investors and prevention of large-scale capital outflow/withdrawal, and identification of the risks endangering the Hungarian technology and capital export.

We have to differentiate between illegal activities (e.g. attitudes provoking penal sanctions) and legitimate efforts of external players that pose a threat to the economy of the Republic of Hungary. It is not only the detection and prevention of illicit economic-financial activities that the intelligence service is responsible for; the Office also keeps an eye on global economic events, international monetary situation, and financial crises areas and on the policy pursued in Hungary and in the region by economic multinational actors.

As part of its economic security activities the Office detects the intentions and activities of organised crime groups that pose a risk to the economic-financial functioning, foreign trade relations and international opinion on the Republic of Hungary.
The Information Office shall participate in the detection and prevention of illegal trafficking in internationally controlled goods and technologies and gather information on the illegal trafficking of weapons of mass destruction, their components, and the materials and equipment required for their production (proliferation)

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