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Protective Security
  In compliance with the National Security Law, the Information Office is charged to provide protective security to those Hungarian organs (institutions) and facilities abroad that are important from the point of view of the Government's activities.
The wording of the law clarifies that these foreign facilities primarily include the foreign representations of the Republic of Hungary. The Information Office is authorised to pursue the national security related protection of these organs (institutions), which does not diminish the responsibility (duties) of the state organs concerned (e.g. in the case of diplomatic representations that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to protect their buildings, staff and the state and service secrets of the Republic of Hungary abroad.
Basically the state organ concerned is responsible for the security order of the buildings and representations of the Republic of Hungary abroad and also for the prevention of intrusion in the facility, the installation of the required security devices, the personnel and material conditions of the operation, the protection of state and service secrets, and security education and protection of the staff posted abroad.
With its national security tools and methods the Information Office provides support for the state organ concerned. The Information Office is authorised to protect the representations of the Republic of Hungary abroad against wiretapping, participates in the prevention and detection of infiltration efforts by foreign secret services, terrorist organisations and groups engaged in illegal narco- and arms trafficking, and other criminal groups.

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