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Staff of the Information Office
  The staff of the Information Office includes staff in professional status, warrant officers 2nd class (WO2) and civil servants. Creativity, ambition, reliability impartiality, accuracy and liability are the major requirements for the entire staff of the Office. For the wide-ranging activity we need university graduates (lawyers, economists, mathematicians, information specialists, engineers, etc.) who have special intelligence training. Of course foreign languages are a must: 20 % of the officers speak three or more languages.

Intelligence activities particularly those the implementation of which implies increased jeopardy or are tied to direct application of tools and means of secret intelligence collection, are basically conducted by the staff in professional status. The related administrative positions are held by WO2s. At the Information Office the public servants fulfill a range of duties that are not tightly linked to the basic activities of the Office.

Part of the staff in professional status work at the headquarters, while others are stationed elsewhere, mainly abroad, under cover.

The intelligence profession has recently grown more attractive among the young generation. A quarter of the staff in professional status comprises people under 30. 16% of the professional staff have two university degrees, 1.6% of them has three and 3% of the professional staff have PhDs as well.

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