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The sources of intelligence gathering
  • HUMINT (Human Intelligence): With the aim of gathering confidential information the Information Office establishes human sources abroad or with foreign purpose at home. The human sources range from occasional informants to foreign agents. These are individuals who have or will likely have the possibility to get access to foreign secrets. The efficacy of the intelligence service depends to a great extent on the degree it can rely on those patriotic people who are eager to act for the security of the nation.
  • TECHINT (Technical Intelligence): Technical intelligence is an overarching name, incorporating the use of traditional secret service means (e.g. interception), electronic devices and the application of scientifically developed methods.
    Technical intelligence collection is aimed at telecommunication channels, data transmission networks, crypto and office devices.

    Intelligence gathering from telecommunication channels is conducted against international - primarily foreign governmental - telecommunication channels. As far as the crypto and office devices are concerned the aim is to receive, process and restore signals generated during their functioning, using a combination of scientific methods and technical equipment.
  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence): Our Service keeps track on open source intelligence too. Open Source Intelligence includes: press, mass media, public data bases, various information systems and Internet.
    From the data accumulated the above way the Office sorts out the information needed to discharge its duties.

  • International co-operation: broad and stable international relations established over the past 10-12 years are of great value for the Office. We entertain relations with 53 secrete services of 42 countries, with the security services of NATO and that of the EU. In accordance with our national values and international commitments, we enhance bilateral co-operations and information exchange with the services of NATO member states. Our relationships with the foreign services are based on mutual and equal terms.

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