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History of the Information Office

The Information Office was established as part of new intelligence community on March 1st 1990, following the regime change. Act No. X of 1990 on the Interim Regulation of the Authorisation of the Special Tools and Methods of Secret Services and the Government Decree No 20/1990 (II. 14.) on the Provisional Regulation of the Discharge of National Security Duties established the basis for its functioning.

The society unanimously rejected the operation of the secret services of the previous regime therefore the new, democratic successor services were distrusted by the population too. At the same time, however it was widely accepted that there was a need for such services in a democracy as well.
In compliance with the regulations of the constitution, elaboration of the detailed rules concerning the operation of the national security services was launched already in 1990. The lack of political consensus was for a long time obstructing the creation of the law. Finally the Parliament passed the Act CXXV of l995 on the National Security Services, in December 1995. That facilitated the Information Office to take the place a civilian intelligence service is due in the structure of a democratic state.

As a national organ the intelligence service takes part in the enhancement and protection of the state interests. Its activities are tied to the foreign and security policy and the implementation of the National Security Strategy. It has strategic duties and functions that do not change with the government cycles. Along with the relative stability of the strategic goals, the requirements and programme of the government determine the duties of the Office.

All government cycles since 1990 have contributed to the enhancement of the Office: in 1990-1994 the basis of the intelligence service was laid down in a democratic environment, and there was a profound shift in the direction of its operation. This shift had an impact on the staff too. Around 400 individuals left the service, part of them voluntarily, part of them not. The period between 1994-1998 was hallmarked by the creation of the legislation on the operation. The budgetary conditions were improved between 1998 and 2002, the personnel staff of the Office became stable.

The foregoing Directors-General of the Information Office:

Colonel Dr. DERCZE István (chairman, 1990)
Major-general Dr. KOCSIS Kálmán (director-general, 1990-1996)
Major-general SZÁSZ József (director-general, 1996-1998)
Major-general PETO Tibor (director-general 1998-2002)
Major-general Dr. CZUKOR József (director-general, 2002-2004)
Major-general Dr. ZSOHÁR István (director-general, since 2004)

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